Wydawnictwo AUSTERIA
Wydawnictwo AUSTERIA
Wersja polska
Poster United Palestine Appeal 1
A map -  Turquie D`Europe. La Moldavie,la Bessarabie,la Valachie,la Bulgarie,la Roumelie.
Un viavai di brumose apparenze.Poesie Scelte - Italian version
Notebook Magyar Geniusz
Poster The Sages of Israel
The Republic of Mole Hill. A book for writing. Republika Kreciej Góry. Książka do pisania
Carnet de Janusz Korczak
Poster Calligraphy
Notebook Bruno Schulz
A map of Galicia, 1900
Notebook Jehudia: A letter for the New Year - delivery
Notebook Jehudia: Dearest, precious Jewish children

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